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This is the body of the post There is some stuff in here. But I think it publishes HTML. so that?s a thing to beware of. !! But if you edit in the source tab Then Bob's yer uncle! !! (re)Publishing changes doesn't push to site? New publishes didn't post, so I deleted original post. Subsequent posts (under same name) did not appear.

The above is as posted from Windows Live Writer, edited in the "Source" pane. Although it appeared as separate lines and valid PmWiki markup, it appeared on one line, here. So it goes.

Thanks, Michael! Yes, some of the apps are either not sending linebreaks back to the wiki, or it's getting screwed up after it comes back. I'm not decoding the text that comes back -- the phpxmlrpc plug-in is doing that. I need to figure out whether I can get a hook in there and do something to fix it :( Crisses? February 16, 2014, at 10:25 AM

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